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Adventura Africa understands that choosing the travel professional perfect for YOUR SAFARI can be tricky and a never-ending search. The fundamental questions are generally the same however, and include queries around trust/safety, credibility, professionalism & what are we going to do that is for you and not just for anyone out there.

Here is some information that will help cover some of these questions:

How will we take care of you?

Our team is not only a team, we are a family, we love and care like a family does and this naturally carries through to our clients. We are proud of our contageous working environment and are sure that our clients can feel the energy when working with genuinely happy people – we love what we do, we do what we love, and it shows!

The cornerstone of Adventura Africa’s success is being true to our vision of offering the perfect products & tours for YOU, we believe very strongly in the all-round experience, and this starts from when you first contact us. We guarantee full support and assistance in planning your perfect trip, and further offer a 24/7 phone line which is available for all travelers before and during their African Safari holiday.

Furthermore, Adventura Africa works very hard at the small details, if you like strawberries before bed every night, we will have them there for you wherever you go. Small details are what keep our clients coming back as well as the realm of knowledge and laughter that fills our office.

Ask us about a transfer from your home to the airport too, we will take care of you from door to door!!


Adventura Africa is a member of ATTA (African Travel and Tourism Association) & Skal International, allowing credibility within the industry & security for clients wanting to book with us from a distance. We are a recognized established business and have been for 10 years. Adventura Africa is also an independent travel consultancy of Club Travel, one of Africa’s leading travel agency groups. Over the last 10 years we have built relationships with luxury camps, private jets, top end hotels & the finest restaurants to ensure dream holidays left in our care materialize.

We can book your flights too!

We have our own in-house flight department and are able to offer the full travel package from when you take off at your local airport to arriving back again at competitive fares. This means you do not need to worry about lots of invoices and contacts during your trip, one contact, one holiday!

How can I pay for my Safari holiday?

Apart from our South African bank account, our bank has subsidiary accounts in both Europe & the USA. We also able to process credit card payments through our secure PayGate facility. Easy and efficient payment in your own currency makes booking your African Safari quick and easy.

Giving back to Africa : Angels of Hope foundation

An on-going project contributing to various community projects such as The Peaceful home for children orphanage which we continuously contribute to not only financially but also by lending a helping hand wherever is needed. Angels of Hope is looking at various other projects for the future which consists of sponsoring a local student in a better schooling system assisting them to reach their full potential and better their future opportunities. Adventura Africa has also done various walks up to 300km to raise money for the children.

* Please note that General Liability Insurance and Public Indemnity Insurance is not Travel Insurance and the onus lies on the traveller to secure personal travel insurance.