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A 10 year journey filled with changes, growth and; lots of excitement forms the story of Adventura Africa. An originally family-run business now consists of a team that continues to grow together as family does. We are a team that loves each other like family do, and care for our customers as we do each other. We are proud of the unique experiences we can offer our travelers and the care and detail that goes into planning each holiday.

Our team has personally visited most of Southern Africa and; stayed at many lodges, hotels and safari camps. We have hand selected the créme de la créme of properties and suppliers, ensuring our clients are experiencing what we promise. Through our travels and experiences our network of trusted suppliers have grown to know us on a personal level which gives us further confidence in who we work with.

We would be delighted to plan your African Safari for you, and look forward to welcoming you to Africa.


Shaun Scrooby