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The Test Kitchen now presents South Africa’s Finest Brandies

The Test Kitchen now presents South Africa’s Finest Brandies

Fine brandy aficionados will be delighted to know that the world’s most iconic restaurant, the Test Kitchen is now home to some of South Africa’s finest brandies.

Highly acclaimed and recently awarded “Best Restaurant in Africa” and “22nd Best Restaurant in the World”, the Test Kitchen has undergone a complete design revamp showcasing a fresh, innovative sensory concept of a “dark” and “light” room exclusively available for dinner service.

Along with this experience, Luke Dale-Roberts has introduced his guests with the opportunity to taste the unique flavours of South Africa’s finest brandies.

Chef Luke Dale-Roberts describes his latest offering by mentioning that “The new concept of The Test Kitchen is an all-in experience,” and “It’s like being invited to someone’s home.”

Brandy is typically ideal as an after dinner digestive and pairs beautifully with sweet desserts and chocolates. As part of The Test Kitchen’s new set menu, the brandies will be presented by sommelier Tinashe Nyamudoka and will be displayed on an elegant liquor cart.

Once guests have decided on their particular brandy of choice they are given the opportunity to savour the brandy’s tantalising flavours as they finish off their meal.